A vibrant, influential, and connected Canadian sex work rights movement has, for decades now, been engaging in an array of remarkable resistance projects that counter dangerous prostitution laws and dehumanizing public perceptions about sex workers. 

Together with activist groups across Canada, the Sex Work Activist Histories Project (SWAHP) collaborates to develop, preserve, and disseminate the rich depot of knowledge from longstanding sex work activist groups about anti-violence, anti-colonial, and social justice activism generally, and the history of sex work and sex work activism in Canada particularly.

SWAHP aims to create diverse, extensive, and comprehensive histories of/from Canada’s nationally and internationally influential sex work-related social justice, anti-violence, and legal reform activism that can be read or viewed, preserved, studied, and employed as educational resources for activists, researchers, journalists, policy-developers, service providers, and secondary and postsecondary students and instructors.

SWAHP projects include The Sex Work Database, the book Sex Work Activism in Canada and Activist (hi)Storytelling series.

SWAHP is funded by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.